There are many circumstances when it would be in your best interest to get an immigration lawyer in Atlanta to represent you.

Immigration issues can be confusing, and no one wants to find themselves in hot water because they chose the wrong time to consult an immigration lawyer in Atlanta. To help you make better decisions, here are the top five times you should seek the services of an immigration lawyer Atlanta Manji Law.

#1. You’re facing removal from the United States

Get an immigration lawyer in Atlanta. They will be familiar with the various avenues of relief available and be able to advise you which ones represent your best chances of winning. Your immigration lawyer Atlanta can help you fight a removal order or persuade an immigration judge to cancel your case.

#2. You plan to attend school in the United States

Being an alien student in the United States comes with some serious restrictions. For example, you can’t rent a house in which you are staying, you can’t get a student visa to attend college, and you can’t drive. When the USCIS approves your I-20 form, these restrictions will go away, but that approval won’t be granted without a lawyer.

#3. You need to obtain a green card

There are so many things you will need to do prior to getting your green card that it’s easy to overlook some important steps. An immigration lawyer in Atlanta will be familiar with all the processes and procedures and can help you make sure you don’t make a costly mistake.

#4. You want to get citizenship

Oftentimes, people are under the impression that they automatically become U.S. citizens as soon as they become legal permanent residents. This is false; getting your green card and citizenship will require your lawyer’s assistance.

#5. You have a criminal history

Everyone has a criminal history, whether from a misdemeanor or a felony conviction. While it’s common to encounter an immigration lawyer in Atlanta to handle the paperwork related to your pardon, some problems may present themselves either during the amnesty or after an immigration judge grants forgiveness. By consulting an immigration attorney Atlanta, you will be able to get on the right path from the beginning.

#6. You need a work authorization

The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) is the department in charge of issuing work authorizations to individuals in the United States. The only way to obtain a work authorization is by petitioning for a change of status, which can only be done if you have an immigration lawyer in Atlanta on your side.

#7. You have a deportation order

Being deported from the United States is no laughing matter. You could be deported for many reasons, such as violating immigration laws, having a criminal record, or risking your safety while in the United States. If you need help fighting your deportation order, an immigration lawyer in Atlanta can help. It will be necessary for your lawyer to fight on your behalf and bring your case to the immigration court.


These are only some of the many situations where an immigration lawyer Atlanta will be beneficial. If you feel you are in one of these situations, schedule an appointment with a qualified attorney and ask them what they can do to help you out.